My mission

I have had a passion for cooking for close to 40 years. I spent my early adult life working in local restaurants where I learned basic skills. I took up smoking 10 years ago and love to try to perfect the craft.

I am a Weber guy, my father always had a Weber kettle as far back as I can remember (50 years). I purchased a Weber gas grill 18 years ago that was recently replaced with a new Weber gas grill. When it came time to try smoking, it was an easy decision to purchase a Weber Smokey Mountain. My smoker is now 10 years old, and still going strong. It is all stock, no modifications, no gaskets, no gadgets, no problems. The smoker is rock solid. I did purchase the smaller version on closeout recently, and someday I will purchased the 22″ version.

I am using this site as a way to share recipes and photos of the products that I produce. To do this, I complete smokes that I have not tried and work hard to fully document the processes that I use to complete each smoke.