Breakfast burrito

This is my daily go to breakfast during the work week. It is made with two of the recipes that I have detailed here.  Ingredients are

1 jumbo egg = 2 SP

fat free cheese = 1SP

turkey sausage = 1 SP

salsa = 0 SP

Extreme Tortilla = 1 SP

I start with the egg and scramble it, and add it to a hot pan with non stick spray


I then take one turkey sausage (recipe here) and dice it and add it to the top of the egg.
I let the egg fully cook and then flip it in the pan and add the fat free cheese and the fresh salsa (recipe here) on top

I then fold it up

And then I place it an Extreme Wellness Tortilla

And that is it. It is a good breakfast, high in protein, low in calories and SPs.

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