Celebratory Brisket

It had been a long time since I smoked a brisket since the last one cost me $100K. I did have reason to celebrate, my rebuild after the fire was finally finished.

Prior to the fire, I had all three models of the Weber Smokey Mountain. So far I have only replaced the 18″ which was the unit that I used the most. I always found it was most efficient and for most smokes it was large enough for me.

I decided to do a hot and fast brisket, I was shooting for 350 as the base temp, and planned to wrap in butcher paper when it hit 170 internal temp. I did recently get a 4 probe setup and I was able to monitor it while playing a quick 9 hole round of golf.

would never pay $70, but happily paid $28
trimmed several pounds, and it barely fit on the 18
this is three hours in prior to the wrap

I wrapped in butcher paper while smoking, but it when it came time for the rest, I laid some foil in the cooler over the towels to make cleanup easier.

Total cook time was 5 hours and and I rested it for 1 hour before slicing

Turned out good, not much of a smoke ring but it was very most and tender.

All in all I would go hot and fast again in the future. I was able to put this on at 11am and eat it for dinner. I did by two other briskets at the same time/price to smoke in the near future.