Cherry Smoked Cinnamon Almonds

While the smoker is hot after cooking the main courses, it is easy to get some additional use from the smoker. I have smoked nuts on multiple occasions, and actually prefer smoked cashews, I know the almonds are a healthier choice. I purchased a 3 Lb bag of raw almonds from Sams and wanted to add some smoked flavor.








The almonds are placed in a bowl and use a small amount of olive oil, and stir, until all of the almonds are shiny. To add flavor to the nuts, you need a binder, and the olive oil works good. I then added some cinnamon, and stirred, added more and stirred, and more and stirred.

I use a slotted Weber basket found here and placed it on the smoke and added the almonds. I used cherry wood for the smoke and the smoker was running at 225.







Having smoked these several times, I knew I would be smoking them for 90 minutes, so I stirred them while on the smoker at the 30 and 60 minutes mark.








I then removed them at the 90 minute mark and allowed them to cool. They are not only smoked, but roasted to some degree and the taste of cinnamon is a bonus.