Smoked Cashews

While the smoker was still warm, I decided to smoke a container of cashews. This is an easy smoke, with great result. I purchased the container from Sams. I added a small amount of olive oil as a binder. I then stirred and added my normal seasonings of paprika, onion powder and garlic powder, and stirred and added and stirred until the seasoning was consistent.









I then added them to the smoker in my Weber slotted pan. I had the smoker going at 250 and added some fresh hickory chunks









The smoke is only about 90 minutes and I stirred them every 30 minutes.









They take on  a nice color, and to be honest do not taste good while they are still warm. I remove from the smoker and let them cool down and then return to the container that came in. The are my favorite nut, and have a nice smoked flavor when completed. I then normally portion then into zip lock bags and share them.



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