Smoked Chuck Roast

I picked up a prime chuck roast from Kroger the other day and decided to smoke it today. I was in a time crunch, since the weather had predicted storms late in the afternoon. I lit about 40 coals in the chimney started and added some fresh coals to what was left over from last time. I did a standard brisket seasoning, using salt, pepper, and garlic powder on both sides. For a smoke wood I decided to use cherry wood.





I had about 6 hours to smoke the product,  and planned to have a snack before, so I added some sausages about 90 minutes before I planned to remove it.





This was when I removed it, it still was not done, but with the weather coming in, I transferred it to the oven.





I then placed it in the oven, with some onions and set it 325, after an hour, I added some mushrooms to it.





This was the finished product. I then let is rest for about 15 minutes and sliced with my new carving knife.





All in all, a good smoke on a 1/2 price product under $10 piece of meat. Next time I will pull it a little sooner, since I now have a suitable knife to carve with. Poor man’s brisket.

Sliced Chuck Roast

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  1. Gary says:

    I cook chuck roast all the time in my Weber smokey Mountain. I season with SPG . I try to keep my temp around 250-275F. I am trying to reach for an internal temp (using my Thermo Pro probe) of 195-200F. I have got into the habit of starting the roast earlier in the day to build some oops time if required. Once I have reached temp I wrap the roast tightly in foil then wrapping it in my designated towels and put it in a cooler and close the lid. Some roasts have been in the cooler for four hours and upon removal, are too hot to touch.

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