Smoked nuts

I really enjoy smoked nuts, and decided to smoke a couple of batches as the holidays approached. Cashews are my favorite, but they are normally pretty pricey. I picked up almonds and cashews at Sams both containers under $14. My next stop that day was Walmart that was actually selling the same container of cashews for $10. I ended up purchasing 4 packages at Walmart.






I use my 18″Weber smokey mountain¬†for this job and also the Weber smoker pan.





First I did cashews, and I did two batches. To complete this, I placed the cashews in a bowl, and added a small amount of olive oil and stirred. The goal is get them shiny so the seasoning can be added to the cashews. I then added garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. I then stirred the bowl, added more, and stirred, added more and stirred, to make sure they all had seasoning on them. I then placed them on the smoker that had heated up to 225 and added several chunks of hickory wood. I planned to smoke them for 2 hours. I did stirred them twice during the smoke at the 40 minute mark. I then removed them, and set them aside to allow them to cool, before returning them to the container. I then added a second batch and completed them the same way.






When they were complete I started a batch of almonds. For the almonds, I added a small amount of olive oil, and then added a cinnamon. I made sure to add enough to cover them all. I placed them on the smoker and I added cherry wood this time. Again, I stirred them every 40 minutes and smoked them for 2 hours. I then removed them and allowed them to cool before placing in a container.






This is the finished cashews, they are out of this world, my favorite.






This is the finished almonds