Smoked Ribs

I decided to¬† smoked some ribs on this fine spring like day. Temps were in the low 60’s today and no rain in the forecast. I fired up my 22″ Weber Smokey Mountain to complete the three racks of baby back ribs. I purchased the ribs in the 3 pack at my local GFS location and they were reasonably priced, under $24.00 or approx. $8 per rack . I used a Weber branded rub on the ribs after removing the membrane from the back of the ribs. I placed the rub on the ribs about 6 hours before starting the smoke.





I ran a basic minion method smoke, but only filled the bottom about half way (since the smoked was going to be approx 6 hours). I lit about 3/4 of a chamber of charcoal in the chimney starter. I used a mix of cherry and hickory wood for the smoke since I prefer hickory, but cherry seems to get the best smoke ring. The large Weber Smokey Mountain easily handled the three rack of ribs .





My target temp was 225 for the smoke and the smoker settled in and maintained temp with only slight adjustments doing the cook. I always leave the top vent open 100% and then start with 2 of the three bottom vents closed. I then use the 3rd vent approx 1/2 open to get to temp. They took on good color at the half way point.





In the past I have used the 3,2,1 method,. 3 hours in the smoke, then 2 hours wrapped in foil, and then 1 hour out of the foil at the end. I decided to let these roll the whole way on the racks. I also have smoked St Louis style the last several times and they seems to have more of a fat content.





About 1/2 hour before removal, I added sauce to 2 of the 3 (my daughter does not like sauce).





All three had nice color and aroma when done. I then sliced them into a single ribs and served. They were good, nice color, but not as tender or juicy as some in the past that were either St. Louis style or completed with the 3,2,1 method.