Smoked Salmon

I was all beefed out, after my trip to Austin, so I decided to mix it up and smoke some salmon. I was concerned about keeping it together on the smoker, so I purchased some cedar planks to cook it on. I purchased a 2 lb fillet, which in hindsight was too much. I started the smoker and did not want an overwhelming smoked flavor so the choice was between apple or maple and I decided to use maple.






I used little olive oil and sprinkled with onion powder, garlic powder and oregano.






This was one hour in and it was not close to temp yet. Looking for 145 or close to it.






Here is the finished product about 1:45 minutes total time. It was delicious, very tender and juicy.

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  1. Ed Stout says:

    You have a very good site thanks. You know my brother Joe Stout
    from work.

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