Sous Vide Eggs – Smoke Free

Sous Vide eggs are definitely not smoking related, but this is something that I have been playing around with lately. I made my third batch this week, and it makes for a delicious grab and go breakfast.  I have been making two version, one with with bacon and Gruyere cheese and a second version with my turkey sausage and cottage cheese and fat free cheddar cheese. They both turn out great.

Recipe is for 6 servings

6 eggs





4 oz Neufchatel cheese (low fat cream cheese) cubed







3.5 oz Gruyere cheese shredded

4 strips of bacon fried crisp

dash of salt

3 tablespoons of cream

4 oz canning jars

Turn on the Sous Vide and get it up to 172 degrees. My setup is a cooler that I cut a notch in the top. This works out well because it is insulated and easily holds the 12 jars.





Cook the bacon and drain. Spray the glass jars with PAM, and put the bacon on the bottom of the jars. The 4 pieces will split between the 6 jars.






Place the 6 eggs, the shredded Gruyere cheese and the cubed Neufchatel, the salt and cream in the blender and blend it.







Pour into the jars. Place the lids on, but only finger tight (if tightened too much they will explode while cooking). I normally drop these into a small pan of warm tap water prior to dropping into the sous vide water, to prevent the jars from being shocked when they enter the 172 degree water. I have not had any break yet, but have read about others who have experienced this.






Place them in the bath gently, I use a pair of tongs to get them in. You will see air bubble escape out when you drop them in. Let them cook for 1 hour and then remove and cool and then refrigerate. These will last up to a week in the refrigerator. They only take about 30 second to heat in the microwave in the morning.





This what they looks like when removed from the jar. They have plenty of flavor and have a creamy consistency.