tequila, lime, garlic and cilantro….

I decided to try something new today, I planned to smoke a pork loin and some chicken thighs. Normally I just season with paprika, garlic powder and onion powder and pepper. This time I did a marinade consisting of tequila, lime juice, garlic, and cilantro and I let it marinade for 5 hours in separate containers. I completed the smoke with apple wood.

20161002_155236-1 20161002_165027





For the cook, I did low and slow with the smoker running about 225.  I also decided to try “caveman” sweet potatoes. Washed, pierced them and tossed them in the coals. Recommended cook time is only about 40 minutes rotating at 20 minutes.

20161002_165021 20161002_172750





For the pork loin since there is not a lot of fat content, it will dry out if over cooked. I cooked it to 140 internal temp and then wrapped in foil and rested for 15 minutes before slicing. During the 15 minutes of rest with the foil wrap the loin will actually rise in temperature.

20161002_181459 20161002_182801





Here is the finished product. Pork was good, plenty of flavor, the chicken was off the hook, and the sweet potatoes turned out great also.