Birthday upgrades

I asked for and received a couple of upgrades from my newest smoker my 22″ WSM. I received the Cajun Bandit stainless steel door and latch and installed it on this weekend. It is really a big difference between the original, and people have raved about them for years. I have to admit I am very happy with the product and not only would I recommend it, but I believe that I will purchase the door for my 18″ WSM also.  The latch really makes a difference in securing the door, so if you go for the replacement, make sure to get the latch with it.









I have been reading a lot about the hanging racks and decided one a try also. Weber used to market and sell a product but for some reason stopped selling them. Theirs looked adjustable to some degree, but also looked flimsy to me. A suitable replacement is the type of rack that is sold for a pit barrel smoker. The one that is designed for a 55 gallon drum will fit on the top rack of a 22″ and then one for the 33 gallon drum will fit on the 18′ WSM. When in use the other grates are removed along with the water pan. It allows the user the flexibility of temporarily turning their WSM into a pit barrel cooker.