Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steak

I have seen Tomahawk steaks around several times but never felt the urge to purchase one until this past weekend. I was looking for something to post on the web site that I had not completed in the past. This steak was good looking piece of meat and was only $32. I did a little research on how to prepare the steak. I decided on the reverse sear method. After a little research, I decided to dry brine the steak. I salted the steak and placed it on an elevated rack in the refrigerator. The salt applied is supposed to draw some of the moisture from steak to the surface which will tenderize the steak in the process. The dry brine went 8 hours for this steak, but with proper planning you can do 24 hours.

I then seasoned the steak with a Jack Daniels beef rub that I had.

To cook the steak, I placed it on my 18″ Weber Smokey Mountain. The smoker runs primarily on charcoal and then you add a small amount of smoke wood. For this smoke I used hickory. My target temp for the smoker was 225, and I inserted a probe to let me know when the steak reached 125 degrees internal.

Once it reached 125, the steak was removed and rested for 30 minutes. It took on some good color and had a great aroma.

The smoker is technically a water smoker, and has a large water pan, that sits inbetween the grates and the charcoal. For this smoke, I left the water pan empty. For the sear, I decided to remove the middle section on the smoker and drop the grate directly on the charcoal. Once seperated and with access to plenty of air, the coals came to life. I then seared the steak for about 2 minutes, flipping a couple time for even cooking and in an attempt to get some decent grill marks.

After removing the steak, I then allowed it to rest 10 minutes prior to slicing.

The steak was a perfect medium rare, it was very tender and tasted great.

For me, you have to have some potatoes. I opted for some tots, cooked in the air fryer. It was an awesome meal. Had plenty steak left over the next day, which I sliced and sealed and sous vide at 129 degree until warm.