Burnt Ends Project

I have never separated the point from the flat on a whole packer brisket before this weekend. I purchased this full packer brisket for $1.99/lb paying right at $25 for a 12.5 lb brisket from my local Kroger. I use many tools to prepare food, and wanted to try to Sous Vide a brisket. My Sous Vide container is large but would not hold a full packer, so I trimmed it and removed the point (which I believe is the best part of the brisket).

It is a lot easier to remove the point from the brisket when it is smoked. There is fat seam that runs between the flat and the point and when cooked properly, the fat is rendered and with a knife, it is easy to find the seam and it just separates with no effort. With the uncooked brisket, it was a little bit of a chore, and I found it worked better with a serrated knife. I then trimmed it up and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and Jack Daniels Beef Rub.

brisket point

I set up my Weber Smokey Mountain like a normal overnight smoke. I placed unlit charcoal in the ring, added some smoke wood then more unlit charcoal on top. I used my chimney starter and lit about 20 pieces of charcoal. I dumped the lit on top of the unlit assembled the smoker and added water to the water pan. This helps even out the temp, and it is my preferred method for a low and slow cook, where the meat will be on the smoker for hours. I did take a small amount of smoke wood and place it on top of the lit coals to give it some immediate smoke. I used post oak and cherry as my smoke wood.

brisket point, 5 hours in, and reached 165 degrees

I planned to complete the brisket using the same method as I would with a full packer brisket. I wrapped the brisket in butchers paper, know as the Texas method. This method is used after the bark is formed and speeds cooking a little, while not ruining the bark like tin foil would. The brisket can still sweat while cooking but not change the bark.

brisket point wrapped at 165

Under normal circumstances, the brisket would then be left on the smoker until it reaches around 203 degrees internal temp. Nothing magical about the number, could a few degrees above or below. Around that temp, it will probe like it is a probe going into butter, when testing the temp. In this case, I smoked in the paper until it reached 195, since it would be returned to the smoker to complete.

brisket point removed at 195 and cubed

I have a cast iron pan, that fits (almost perfectly) on my 18″ Weber Smokey Mountain. I placed the cubed brisket in the cast iron, added some more rub and placed it back on the smoker. My plan was to smoke for another hour.

brisket point cubed and seasoned

I placed it back on the smoker add some more smoke wood, and let it go another thirty minutes. At the thirty minute mark, I added a small amount of water and gave it stir.

At the 1 hour mark, I added some barbecue sauce and gave it another stir and planned to pull it thirty minutes after.

Here was the finished product, really on point. Equal mix of tender and crunchy from the bark. It had great smoked flavor and the Jack Daniels Beef Rub, added a unique taste. Winner Winner – burnt ends dinner.

burnt ends