Birria Tacos… My new favorite Tacos

While always looking for something new to cook and display, I decided to figure out how to make these properly. It took 5 attempts to virtually master the meal, in my opinion. Originally I was purchasing 1lb packages of beef from Aldi and cooking in the Instant Pot. While this did a good job with the beef, the sauce was lacking. I researched recipes for the sauce and several had a lot of extravagent ingredients. I landed on one that I found here which also called for Chuck roast for the meat to be used in the tacos.

We followed the recipe earlier this week with great results. The meat was great and the sauce was fantastic. I did take the meat and put it on the grill to give it char. For the tortillas I used large flour tortillas, which are dipped on the sauce, and placed on the grill. The sauce will have some oil in it, so the tortilla will cook and not stick to the grill.

I placed cheddar cheese on top and once it was melted, I flipped it over. This will create a crunch on the outside of the tortilla.

Once flipped I portioned out the meat and dropped it on the tortillas and then I added shredded queso cheese, and diced onions and cilantro.

Once the cheese melts on the tortilla, it is then folded in half and left to a cook for another minute or two. The taco are then served with a generous portion of the sauce for dipping the tacos into.

We ended up having a lot of exta sauce after eating the chuck roast tacos. I decided to make tacos a few days later and took some smoked pulled pork and smoked brisket out to use in the tacos.

I purchased some smaller corn and flour tortillas to make this meal. Before preparing this meal I have always preferred the flour tortillas, and after completing this meal, that still holds true.

This time, I used red onion and some diced up roma tomato as well as cilantro. I also topped with shredded cotija cheese and queso cheese.