The new kid in town

I had looked at getting a flat top grill for a while. I did my investigation looking at brands and options. I had looked at adding a removeable top to my Weber Propane, but ultimately decided to purchase a BlackStone. This is basic unit, but the large 4 burner, also comes with a removable metal cover. I ended up purchasing from WalMart for $327. It was cheaper price than Amazon which had some sketchy review, of not recieving the model advertised. Also with something this large and over 100 lbs, I did not want the hassle of having to ship it back if there was an issue.

Assembly was easy enough, instruction were decent. I did my reasearch on seasoning it and decided to use the Blackstone product which I also purchased from Walmart. It is essentially like a large cast iron skillet and need to be taken care of in the same manner. To season, you light all burners and get it very hot, then you add a small amount of seasoning mixture, and with a paper towel, spread a very thin layer across the entire surface. You leave the grill on and let it smoke away, when it stops, you repeat the process. I completed the process 5 times to get it seasoned. The key is if seasoned correctly food when cooked will not stick to the surface.

Clean up is an easy process and should be completed immediately after cooking. While the grill is still hot you do a light scraping of an particles from the grill, then apply a small amount of water to clean the surface. While it is hot, it will steam right away which allowed a decent cleaning. Then you apply a small amount of oil and wipe down the entire surface and shut it off.